Birkoff Centre of a C-algebra

S. Kalesha Vali*, P. Sundarayya, Ch. S. Naga Raja Rao


The concept of the Birkoff centre of a Semi group with 0 and 1 was introduced by U.M. Swamy and G.S.N. Murthy [4] and proved that it is a Boolean algebra. This concept is extended to a C-algebra with T. It is proved that Bir A, the Birkoff centre of a C-algebra A is itself a C-algebra. For any element a∈B(A) we defined S_a and proved that it is a C-algebra.

Key words: C-algebra, Centre, Birkoff centre, Boolean algebra.

AMS Mathematics subject classification (2000): 03G25(03G05, 08G05)

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